Where am I?

DI and Where am I?

Geo-aware devices are becoming widely available, and it is now much easier to tell others where you are and to find you way around in new places.

Sam was on the train to London to visit his sister when he got a message from her to say there was an emergency at work and she would be 2 hours late meeting him. She sent him the GPS co-ordinates of a cafe near the station which had good food and wifi where he could wait for her.
Sam posted on his Facebook status that he was goining to be at this cafe and wondered if any of his friends fancied joining him, as it turned out none of his friends was available but one of them knew someone else at a loose end in that part of London and put them in touch. They met up and got on really well.


Think about these 3 people:

  1. Sam a 12 year old boy
  2. Gina a postgraduate student
  3. Al a lecturer

In your opinion, for each of the following, should they share the information? If so, with whom should they share it?

  • A Google map showing the route from the train station to their college
  • Their current GPS co-ordinates
  • Their holiday destination
  • A map showing countires they have visited