The Reading Medievalist, vol. 3: Selected Proceedings from ‘On the Edge’.

Selected Proceedings from ‘On the Edge’, GCMS graduate conference, 25th March 2015.

The Reading Medievalist, vol. 3edited by Harriet Mahood

The following articles were produced from papers given at the postgraduate conference ‘On the Edge’ at the University of Reading on the 21st March, 2015 and edited by the conference organiser, Harriet Mahood. All papers were peer-reviewed by colleagues in the GCMS.

Full references for the articles can be found in the respective pdfs.

Roche Abbey – photo by Harriet Mahood, 2016

Roche Abbey (2)

Jessica Monteith-Chachuat
‘Monstrous Werewolves’

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Marco Prost
‘Female cunning on the edges of chivalry in Gerbert de Montreuil’s Continuation to the Conte du Graal’

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Katherine Sedovic
‘Seeking the Sacred Within the Secular: A Study of the Aspremont-Kievraing Psalter’s Chivalric and Heraldic Marginalia’

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William Thompson
‘Churchwardens in early Tudor England: On the Edge of Sacred and Secular’

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Margarita Vázquez Corbal
‘The southwestern border between Galicia and Portugal during the 12th and 13th centuries: A space for experimentation and artistic transmission’

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Selected Proceedings of the GCMS Postgraduate Conference 2014: ‘The Maladies, Miracles and Medicine of the Middle Ages’

Selected Proceedings from ‘The Maladies, Miracles and Medicine of the Middle Ages’, a Postgraduate Conference of the GCMS, organised by Ruth Salter, March 2014

Edited by Ruth Salter.

All papers were peer-reviewed by colleagues in the GCMS.

Photo by Ruth Salter: The Hospitium of Reading Abbey.

St John's Hopsitium Reading Abbey

~Table of Contents and Foreword~

Julia Bolotina
Support for the Sick Poor in Anglo-Saxon England
Bolotina J. Support for the Sick Poor – CORRECTION

Jessica Legacy
Reading the Body: A Textual Analysis of the interpolated Middle English version of the Anatomy of Guy de Chauliac
Legacy, J. Reading the Body

Harriet Mahood
The Liminality of Care: Caring for the Sick and Needy on the Boundaries of Monasteries
Mahood, H. The Liminality of Care

Katie Phillips
Saint Louis, Saint Francis and the Leprous Monk at Royaumont
Philips, K. Louis, Francis and the Leprous Monk

Ruth Salter
Only Half-Healed: The Unusual Accounts of Deaf and Mute in 12th-century Hagiography
Salter, R. Only Half Healed

Helen Smith
The Afflicted Jewish body: Cure and Conversion in Medieval Drama
Smith, H. The Afflicted Jewish Body

Medieval Marriage. Selected Proceedings of the 2013 Postgraduate Conference.


Selected proceedings of the postgraduate conference  MEDIEVAL MARRIAGE, held by the GCMS in March 2013, organised by GCMS  doctoral students Carys Gadsden and Charlotte Pickard. The selected proceedings are peer-reviewed by the editorial board of READING MEDIEVAL STUDIES, and edited by Charlotte Pickard.


Joanna Laynesmith, ‘Queens, Concubines and the Myth of Marriage More Danico: Royal Marriage Practice in tenth and eleventh-century England.’

GCMSJoanna Laynesmith

Danielle Park, ‘The Power of Crusaders’ Wives in Narrative and Diplomatic Sources, c.1096-1149’
GCMSDanielle Park

Charlotte Pickard, ‘Unequal Marriage in Medieval France: The Case of the Vermandois Heiresses’

GCMSCharlotte Pickard

Lynda Pidgeon, ‘Clandestine and Disparaged Marriage’ (on the unequal marriage of King Edward IV of England)

GCMSLynda Pidgeon

Carys Gadsden, ‘The Villainous Wife in the Middle Welsh Chwedleu Seith Doethon Rufein.’

GCMSCarys Gadsden

Rachel Ernst, ‘Catharism, Celibacy and Marriage: A New Manifestation of an Old Christian Tradition.’

GCMSRachel Ernst