Emma’s plant list – plus my comments :-)

A few ideas for the tropical display:
New World:
Melastomataceae – Tibouchina is pretty – yes, we might also manage Medinella.:-)
Theobroma cacao – good economic plant and nice example of cauliflory – we have hundreds of these but the greenhouse gets too cold in winter and they don’t thrive. πŸ™
Is there an Annona shrub that wouldn’t get too big? – I think Pan has already planted seeds! πŸ™‚
Vanila planifolia (orchidaceae) vanilla orchid – we used to grow this and I’m sure we could get it again. πŸ™‚
Eichornia crassipes (Pontderiaceae) in pond – very much on my list, along with Salvinia πŸ™‚

Old World Tropical:
Cyathea – yes, I’d like to get these πŸ™‚
Marrataceae fern – Angiopteris already on my wants list – no free source yet. πŸ™‚
Rubiaceae – Coffea arabica – we already have this and will lift it and replant πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Sinningia or Streptocarpus (Gesneriaceae) are pretty – yes but there are more truly tropical genera Aeschynathus comes to mind.
Pandanus (would also fit in small holding as used for textiles food and medicine) – great idea there are some smallish species

Musaceae – we have πŸ™‚
Diascorea – we have πŸ™‚
Manihot – Euphorbiaceae – (Cassava) – we did have but it gets very big – perhaps one for me to revisit?
Curcuma longa (zingiberaceae) tumeric – has so many medicinal, culinary, dye and ceremonial uses deffinantly a useful plant. – we have a pot of this πŸ™‚

Difficult places
Platycerum bifuricatum – nice epyphitic fern – yes, this and Asplenium nidus would both be good additions.

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2 Responses to Emma’s plant list – plus my comments :-)

  1. Angiopteris has arrived!

  2. Looking back at Emma’s list I’m pleased to report we have Streptocarpus, Medinella, Manihot and Playcerium from the list as well as the others marked above.

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