Berlin Botanical Garden labelling system

Last Autumn I attended a workshop in Berlin for the i4Life project that was based at the botanic garden so i had the opportunity to look at the glasshouse displays there and record the labelling used.  The tropical fern glasshouse area shows raised beds of the kind under development at Reading.

Tropical ferns at Berlin Botanic Garden

Tropical ferns at Berlin Botanic Garden showing raised edging built from concrete and stone

All the general display labels are of a similar size but the style varies greatly.  The majority of labels are aluminium with black text but some have brown text.  Some labels appear to be a temporary version of the aluminium labels with a sticker attached.  The remaining labels are of the tradition black with white writing style.

Berlin Botanic Garden - 4 label styles

Berlin Botanic Garden - 4 label styles

The aluminium labels don’t show lime deposits but can be rather reflective in bright sun light.  Like the RHS, Berlin also has a range of larger interpretative signage – they are very like those at RHS Wisley.

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