Tree ferns

One of the characteristic features of middle altitudes in the tropics are tree ferns.  I’ve been looking around for species that might grow in our new glasshouse.  On the list of possible, and available, species are Cyathea brownii (Norfolk Island), Cyathea medullaris (New Zealand), Cyathea cooperi (Australia) and Dicksonia sellowiana (Brazil).

Cyathea brownii is reported to be one of the tallest and fastest growing tree ferns and there are excellent photos of it on the Forest ferns web site.  This is my current favourite.

Tree ferns at Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Tree ferns at Chelsea Flower Show 2012

A spectacular range of tree ferns were on display at Chelsea this year on the Bowden stand.  I spent time manning the joint RHS – Reading University display in the environmental education section presenting our joint research on planting choices to help clean urban air and ameliorate climatic extremes.

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  1. Tree ferns now ordered – Cyathea brownii, C. medullaris and C. dealbata to give a contrating range of Australasian species and Dicksonia sellowiana as a South American species. The cyathea species are reported to grow quite fast once established.

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