3000 litres of rainwater fill the pond

Over the past week the pond has been lined and filled with around 3000 litres of rainwater.  It took two days to fill the pond by pumping water from the rainwater tank in the glasshouse next door.The pond base is lined with sand and then butyl offcuts to protect the liner.  Then an interliner was spread out before the final plastic waterproof membrane was put in place.  The liner was smoothed out as the water filled it and held it in place.

Due to the pressure water applies to the sides of the container the sleepers are joined both at their ends, as with the soil filled beds, and then reinforced by cross bracing sleepers holding the soil bed in place and in the corner by an additional upright sleeper section.

Due to the large volume of water needed we have actually been pleased to have rain over the last few days!

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A professional botanist and biologist with an interest in promoting biological knowledge and awareness to all.
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