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Andrew is reading a Plant Diversity Masters in Reading. He is interested in the wide range of forms which plants can take, especially groups with unusual features. He has a particular interest in orchids, of which he has a growing collection of.

Ludisia discolor, the foliage plant orchid

Ludisia discolor really is an orchid, although if you see it with no flowers, or without a label, you could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t. Assuming it isn’t an orchid is very understandable, as it grows in soil, unlike … Continue reading

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The flowering tree nymph in the greenhouse

There’s a special orchid in flower right now in the tropical greenhouse. Its name is Dryadella pusiola, and it’s special because its flowers are very, very small. Small enough to be dwarfed by a 5p! This orchid is the first … Continue reading

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Thunbergia alata, the well traveled climber.

Thunbergia alata, commonly known as the Black Eyed Susan vine, is a climbing vine from the Acanthaceae family (Heywood et al, 2007)1, which produces large showy yellow flowers with a black spot in the centre. These large bright flowers and … Continue reading

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