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Pest Update

Things have developed quite a bit since the last time I sampled. Expecting to see a few aphids on the Okra and surrounding plants I was shocked to find loads of mealy bug all over everything!? Well maybe not over … Continue reading

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Aphids and…reproduction

Aphids- of the superfamily Aphidoidea- are insects that have caused a great level of destruction and fretting to many a gardeners efforts. Alternatively we can view them as a highly successful, intriguing group of organisms. An interesting aspect of aphids is that they have a great … Continue reading

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Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is a floating plant that can be used to clean up water by accumulation of toxic metals and by capturing free nutrients from the water. In good conditions it grows very rapidly and can clog river systems … Continue reading

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Chaenostoma cordatum

Today, while Sam was investigating pests in the tropical glasshouse he noted that the plant of Chaenostoma cordatum ‘Copia Great Purple’ was suffering from both whitefly and thrips while plants around it were free of both. 

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Good afternoon web-browsers. As this is my first post I feel it necessary to introduce myself. My name is Samuel Hickling and I shall be working for Dr.Culham on the final year project of a Zoology BSc. My given task … Continue reading

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Thank you Annual Fund – Year 1 ends this month!

The first year of development of the Tropical Glasshouse project has been supported by a grant of £7000 from the University Annual Fund,  a fund built from donor contributions.  In May/June 2011 I submitted a proposal along with Liz Williamson … Continue reading

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