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Adiantum capillus-veneris

Adiantum Capillus-veneris (Maidenhair fern) Capillus- veneris  means hair of Venus, the goddess of love named by ancient Greeks because it has stunning fronds, ʻcapillus’ means “hair” and ʻvenerisʼ comes from Venus. [1]

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Rabbit-Foot Fern

Dr. Percival Lowell, in one of his books, (Mars as the Abode of Life), tells us that, “When the earth was young and still so warm that it was continually enveloped in a thick blanket of steam-warmer everywhere than at … Continue reading

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Asplenium nidus

Asplenium nidus : The bird’s nest fern      Commonly known as a bird’s nest fern,  Asplenium nidus has many names. For instance, in Malaysia it is called: Rumah Langsuyar, in the Philippines: Pakpak-lauin and in China: Tai wan shan su hua. There are also many … Continue reading

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Cyatheaceae: The Scaly Tree Ferns

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Commonly known as the scaly tree ferns, Cyatheaceae are a clade of ca. 600 plant species within a group of plants known as the monilophytes or ferns (Smith et al. 2006). All ferns are spore-bearing and share a highly distinctive … Continue reading

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Cyathea medullaris – Mamaku or Black Tree Fern

This native of New Zealand and adjacent islands grows to  20 m tall with fronds up to 6m long.  It’s name seems to link to the very dark appearance of the trunk caused by dark brown/black scales cover it and … Continue reading

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Cyathea brownii – Norfolk Island Tree Fern

This is reputed to be the fastest growing tree fern and can reach a height of More than 20 metres in its native Norfolk Island. In the wild the species has lost much of its native habitat And only about … Continue reading

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Angiopteris evecta – Giant Elephant Fern

The King Fern or Giant Elephant fern is a native of the palaeotropics famous for the large size of the individual fronds it produces.  Over much of the natural range the species is sporadic but not rare but in tropical … Continue reading

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