Laura Daniels blogs about her first international conference, CISBAT 2013 in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Stood in line at the airport, poster tube firmly in hand, I wasn’t really sure what to expect for my first international conference.  Once safely landed (despite the small issue of breaking the security scanner due to the size of the poster), the adventure began!

The conference was a fantastic experience – listening to keynote speakers from disciplines including engineering, architecture, physics and climate science talk about the different methods of moving towards building more sustainable cities.  The conference certainly lived up to its claim to be ‘a platform for interdisciplinary dialog and presentations of innovative research and development in the field of sustainability in the built environment’ .

With the backdrop of stunning scenery (and luckily beautiful weather), the conversations and collaborations continued well into the evening, aided by a networking dinner event on Lake Geneva after the first night.  The three days were filled with meeting professors and other PhD researchers from around the world talking about building energy consumption and renewable energy.  Presenting my poster ‘The financial Implications of Running Standby Generators in Support of a Smart Grid” generated some interesting conversations and I was put in touch with some researchers in the United States that are working on similar issues.

Boat Trip

I am looking forward to presenting my work at future conferences and building on the academic networks from those met in Lausanne.

I even managed to continue the educational experience in Geneva after the conference, where I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of CERN and the Atlas experiment of the Large Hadron Collider!



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EngD student at the University of Reading Technologies for a Sustainable Built Environment Centre. Working with Marks and Spencer and Matrix Control Solutions on issues surrounding energy use and remote control solutions to optimise it.
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