Lofty ambitions: Protecting bats from man-made filaments

Special feature in Bat News written by Stacey Waringstacey_waring_bat_newsStacey is a research engineer co-supervised by the TSBE Centre at the University of Reading and the Bat Conservation Trust. Stacey’s current project focuses on ‘What constitutes a bat friendly breathable roofing membrane?’ Her research not only considers how bats may be affected by alterations to their roost conditions, but how membranes in bat roosts may be subjected to stresses that were previously not considered. The aim of Stacey’s research is to produce mitigation that ensures longevity of both bats and roofing membranes that may be installed in bat roosts.

Stacey is working closely with the Bat Conservation Trust, membrane manufacturers and the construction industry, to ensure all parties are satisfied with the outcome.

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Visit Stacey’s website for more information on Bats and Breathable Roof Membranes, you can also follow Stacey on Twitter @sdwaring or contact her at

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