30th Annual ARCOM Conference

Between Monday 1st and Wednesday 3rd September 2014, the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) 30th Annual Conference was held in Portsmouth, UK. The conference covered a wide range of themes from; Sustainability in the built environment, to Human behaviour and culture. Out of 457 entries, 147 final papers were accepted. I had the privilege of being able to present the early stages of my research as part of the House building session, under the title of “Placing defects at the heart of high quality new homes: The learning perspective”, research that aims to better understand how house builders learn from defects experience. The conference was an ideal opportunity to face challenging questions about the research, and receive valuable feedback from a number of sources. ARCOM 2014 was an equally important opportunity to get an insight in to construction research being undertaken from all areas across the world.

Tony Hopkin

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