United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Lima Climate Change Conference – December 2014

UN Climate Change Conference 2014It is important, when working in academic research, to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The UNFCCC is the organisation formed in 1994 which overseas the annual international negotiations on commitments related to reducing global carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate change. The commitments that are made at these negotiations are ultimately what shapes the context for much of the research that goes on at TSBE and elsewhere within the University.

It is a great honour then, to be attending this years negotiations, COP20 here in Lima.

There are three of us from University of Reading here, two attending the first week and me the second. However, even without access to the negotiations right now, there are so many additional things happening around Lima relating to the COP.

Voices for the Climate is the main public exhibition.  With installations of scientific displays and interactive exhibitions relating to the five key areas! Forests, mountains, oceans, energy and sustainable cities, there is plenty to see. Meeting negotiators and other delegates through the exhibition has been a great introduction to the event.

Also, today I took a tour to the Museum of Electricity!  Based in Barranco, a district of Lima, this museum is run by Electro Peru.

With information on the history of key physicists as well as some exhibitions of old electrical meters, radios, TVs and other appliances, the museum hosts an exhibition about the ongoing struggle to provide electricity across the rural regions of Peru. Something echoed across the world and a point of discussion at the COP itself.

Next week, while I am in the conference center, I’ll be blogging about the main event as regularly as possible.  Follow the updates on Twitter too @lauradan.

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