New PhD candidate joins TSBE Centre & Costain for Urban Energy Rhythms joint research

Meet Patrick Agese who would be working on a new four-year PhD research project “Urban Energy Rhythms” which aims to create an understanding of the current energy infrastructure systems and develop design recommendations for improving future energy generating and management assets.  

Patrick Agese

The research project will draw on existing research and expertise at the University of Reading with the aim of modelling different energy scenarios across different infrastructure systems underpinning the importance of infrastructure in smart cities.

Prior to undertaking this PhD research project, Patrick worked on large energy demand reduction projects at Givaudan and developed energy performance contracts at Anesco.  He is also a sustainability enthusiast and has dedicated his professional career to developing sustainable energy solutions beginning from a tender age of 11.  

Patrick commented: “I’m very delighted to be provided with this opportunity to contribute to Costain’s leading innovation in engineering. I aim to provide the technical knowledge and leadership necessary for achieving a secure, sustainable and cost effective energy infrastructure. This research would assist in positioning Costain as a leader in providing innovative solutions for the future energy system.”

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