Energy Storage is Big in the TSBE

It seems that the theme of Energy Storage is a hot topic around the world at the moment and this is also true in the TSBE Centre. At the end of 2016 three representatives; Alice Gunn, Maximilian J Zangs and Dr Timur Yunusov from the Energy Research Lab, based in the TSBE centre, attended the 3rd  UK Energy Storage conference

This conference was held in Birmingham University on the 30th of November 2016 for 3 days. Organised by the Energy Storage Research Network, Energy SUPERSTORE, STFC Network in Battery Science and Technology and funded by EPSRC; the event focuses on a wide scope of energy storage research, including: storage technology (battery chemistry, compressed air, hydrogen and other media), detailed modelling control techniques and their application on the network. 

The conference attracted a wide audience with presenters from both academia and industry; a full list can be found here The TSBE also had two members take to the stage to present their findings. Dr Timur Yunusov has presented on the latest results from work carried out as part of the New Thames Valley Vison (NTVV) project.

And Maximilian J Zangs  presented his latest research on control techniques for battery energy storage devices, aiming to support network operation at minutely resolution.

  • Maximilian Zangs, University of Reading: On-Line Adjustment of Battery Schedules for Supporting LV Distribution Network Operation.

This event resuled in numerous debates, conversations and networking opportunities for all involved.

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