TSBE Researchers Get Matlab Certification

In October 2016 two members of the TSBE centre, Maximilian J Zangs and Dr Timur Yunusov, along with three researchers from the School of Biomedical Engineering (Dr Ian Harrison, Dr Monica Armengol and Stefano Pietrosanti) undertook an examination to qualify as MathWorks Matlab Professionals. Matlab is a computational platform optimised for solving engineering and scientific problems. Programming in Matlab is similar to programming in other modern languages, although with simpler syntax and ability to directly express matrix and array mathematics. Inbuilt functions and toolboxes allow development and visualisation of applications for data analytics, signal and image processing, control design, machine learning and many more.

The aim of the examination is to test programming abilities and knowledge of Matlab to a level of mastery on par with the proficiency of the most advanced members of the Matlab community: automation of data analytics and visualisation applications, robust and optimised Matlab programming techniques and interactive Matlab applications. MathWorks Matlab Professional Certification is only available to those who have achieved certified Matlab Associate credential.

So it is very exciting to announce that all five researchers successfully passed the examination and now are Certified MathWorks Matlab Professionals!


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