Updated version of Creating the Productive Workplace Places to Work Creatively Edited by Derek Clements-Croome

Professor Derek Clements-Croome works with the TSBE Centre, University of Reading,  projects in his area of expertise include:

Creating an intelligent building environment to enhance investment trader performance – Gary Middlehurst with Prof. Runming Yao & Prof. Derek Clements-Croome


Creating the Productive
Places to Work Creatively
Edited by Derek Clements-Croome
A new edition of a classic title, featuring updated and
additional material to reflect today’s competitive work
environments, contributed by a team of international
experts. Essential for anyone involved in the design,
management and use of work places, Creating the Productive
Workplace is a critical multidisciplinary review of the factors
affecting productivity, as well a practical solutions manual
for common problems and issues. Features over 100 black
and white illustrations.


Foreword Preface Part 1: Health, Well-Being and Productivity
Landscape 1. Effects of the Built Environment on Health and
Wellbeing Derek Clements-Croome 2. The Business Case for
Sustainable Healthy Buildings Derek Clements-Croome 3. The
Multi-Sensory Experience in Buildings Briony Turner, Derek
Clements-Croome, and Kay Pallaris 4. Pleasure and Joy, and their
Role in Human Life Michel Cabanac 5. User-Centred Workspace
Design: Applications of environmental psychology to space for
work Jacqueline Vischer 6. Change Makers: rethinking the
productive workplace through an art and design lens Jeremy
Myerson Part 2: Research Evidence 7. Lessons from Schools for
Productive Office Environments: the SIN model Peter Barrett 8.
Effects of Indoor Air Quality on Decision Making Usha Satish and
Piers MacNaughton 9. Workplace Productivity: Fatigue and
Satisfaction Shin-ichi Tanabe and Naoe Nishihara 10. Proving the
Productivity Benefits of Well-Designed Offices Nigel Oseland 11.
Optimising Wellbeing and Productivity through an Ergonomics
Based Approach Stephen Bowden 12. Lighting For Productive
Workplaces Jennifer Veitch 13. Intelligent workplaces Vivian
Loftness et al 14. Thermal and IAQ Effects on School and Office
Work Pawel Wargocki and David Wyon 15. Measuring the IEQ
Contribution to Productivity and Wellbeing Vyt Garnys, Travis Hale
and Adam Garnys Part 3: Experiential Evidence from Surveys and
Building Case Studies 16. A Visual Language of the Workplace
Peter Bacevice, Hannah Beveridge and Liz Burow 17. The People-
Building Interface: It’s a Two Way Street Judith Heerwagen, Kevin
Kampschroer, Bryan Steverson and Brian Gilligan 18. Workplace: A
Tool for Investment Kevin Reader 19. Productivity in Buildings: the
Killer Variables – twenty years on Adrian Leaman and Bill Bordass
20. Enjoy Work: A Case Study on Chiswick Park Jason Margrave,
Ron German and Kay Chaston 21. The Arup Experience of
Workplace Design Ann-Marie Aguilar, Vicki Lockhart, Mallory
Taub and Michael Stych 22. Achieving Holistic Sustainability:
considering wellness alongside resource use in buildings Jennifer
McArthur 23. Making the Economic Case for Good Design of
Workplaces Sarah Daly 24. Building Performance: the Value
Management Approach Part 4: Future Horizons 25. Stranger Than
We Can Imagine: the future of work and place in the 21st Century
Mark Eltringham 26. How to Prevent Todays Ergonomic Office
Problems in the Future Veerle Hermans 27. Future Landscapes
Despina Katsikakis 28. Coda Derek Clements-Croome

Hb: 978-1-138-96334-4 | £60.79


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