Too Many Cooking-Appliances Spoil the Broth

Too Many Cooking-Appliances Spoil the Broth
Blog post October 2017: Sam Mudie
TSBE Centre Research and Impact Fellow, Dr Sam Mudie, has published a further journal article, the 4th from the successful EngD Project “Energy Use and Reduction in UK Commercial Kitchens”.
The most recent article, “Low energy catering strategy: insights from a novel carbon-energy calculator” sheds light on a staggering £1.27 BILLON pounds worth of energy wastage within the UK commercial catering sector.
The paper explored the energy consumption of commercial food preparation activities within a leading operator of public houses and restaurants. Dr Mudie spent two years developing the “Catering Energy, Carbon and Cost Calculator” with the support of the research sponsor and other industry organisations including the UK Carbon Trust, Catering Equipment Suppliers Association and the British Hospitality Institute.
After in depth analysis of the large range of menu items and ingredients, cooking appliances and techniques available, the research found average energy savings of £10,200 per year per site on gas and electricity by replacing 3 appliances and reducing the freezing demand. By removing the gas powered chargrill, electric deep fat fryers and the microwave combi ovens and replacing them with two high efficiency combi steam jet impingement ovens, annual energy consumption was reduced by 58%, equating to a 55,000 kgs of CO2 saving per site.
The initial increase in capital cost is paid back in a little as 3 months. A new approach in the delivery of a menu can save as much as £2m for the case study chain and £1.27 billion pounds for the commercial catering sector. The study did find cooking times to be increased, from 7.2 minutes to 18.6 however the low energy catering template could still deliver the required throughput and menu diversity for the daily, weekly and annual food service operation.
The astounding figures have already made headlines with leading hospitality industry publication “Morning Advertiser” featuring the energy savings in a headline article:
The full open access text (Low energy catering strategy: insights from a novel carbon-energy calculator, Mudie & Vadhati, Energy Procedia, Volume 123, September 2017, Pages 212-219), may be found here:

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