Data Journalism: A designer’s perspective

An Information Design Association talk by Lulu Pinney

6.30pm on 15 October
Performing Arts Lab, Royal College of Art

The internet has had a profound impact on journalism, as it has on many things. The vast quantity of data the internet has enabled us to discover, collect, explore and share is part of this. Visual design provides a powerful tool for finding and telling the stories contained within data. With data journalism spanning several disciplines designers have much to contribute, and much to learn.


Lulu Pinney
Educated to become a numbers person but equally curious about pictures and words, Lulu gained design experience at Pentagram, Haymarket Business Publishing and BBC News Online. She now teaches, creates and blogs about infographics.

Typecon Education Forum slides online

Opening the Education Forum in Typecon Milwaukee, Gerry offered a model for design education focused on typographically-rich environments on tablets, mostly. He talked about teaching the combination of paragraph-level typographic skills, information architecture, and interaction design required for designing complex documents like newspapers on small tablet screens. The slides (without commentary) are on SpeakerDeck.

Wednesday seminar: Elisa del Galdo

Elisa del Galdo will give a talk, ‘International User Experience: Designing Outside Your Borders’, on Wednesday, 24 November.

A specialist in user-centred design, Elisa has published widely on Internationalisation of products and systems (Designing User Interfaces for International Use, edited by J. Nielsen, and International User Interfaces, edited by E.M. del Galdo and J. Nielsen).  She is the co-founder and past President of Products and Systems Internationalisation Inc., the organizers of the International Workshop on the Internationalisation of Products and Systems.

The talk, open to all, will be at 4.30 in Typography, E1.

Wednesday seminar: Max Gadney

Max Gadney will give a talk ‘Working in Information Design’  on Wednesday, 26 October.

Max is an information designer who describes his brief as ‘making useful data products’. He led the Design Team at BBC News Online for several years and now works as a consultant with clients including The Guardian, Channel 4 and Manchester City. He runs the Design of Understanding conference.

The talk, open to all, will be at 4.30 in Typography, E1.

Picturing social facts: Neurath workshop proceedings published

During the Isotype Revisited project, Christopher Burke and Eric Kindel contributed to a workshop, ‘Picturing social facts: on Neurath’s visual language’, delivering papers alongside Friedrich Stadler, Elisabeth Nemeth, Sybilla Nikolow, Sophie Hochhäusl, Hadwig Kraeutler, Karl H. Müller & Armin Reautschnig, and Bart Lootsma. This was part of the 33rd International Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium, held in Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria, in August 2010.

The second volume of the symposium Proceedings have now been published, containing the workshop papers, as well as a series of papers on the theory and history of diagrams. Christopher Burke’s paper is titled ‘The linguistic status of Isotype’, and Eric Kindel’s ‘Reaching the people: Isotype beyond the West’. The volume, edited Richard Heinrich, Elisabeth Nemeth, Wolfram Pichler and David Wagner, can be previewed and purchased here.