PhD Success for Mais Iflaifel

Our heartiest congratulations to Mais Iflaifel who have had multiple successes recently! 

Mais successfully defended her PhD thesis at the end of May 2021. Mais’ thesis is entitled: “Understanding safety differently: developing a model of intravenous insulin infusions use in hospital inpatients.”

Mais was also one of four finalist for the University of Reading PhD researcher of the year award in 2021. She was the Agriculture, Food and Health Research Theme winner. See this link for more information:


To hear more about Mais’ work and her other successes, watch her present her work in this year’s Doctoral Research Conference Doctoral Research Conference 2021 – YouTube(timestamp 10:53 onwards)


Four of her five peer-reviewed publications are now published, with the fifth forthcoming. All these papers are freely accessible except one – if you require access to any of these papers, please do not hesitate to contact Mais (


Mais is supervised by Dr Rosemary Lim (RSoP), Dr Clare Crowley (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) and Dr Fran Greco (RSop). Mais was previously supervised by Prof Kath Ryan (Emeritus Professor, RSoP) and also received methodological support relating to Video Reflexive Ethnography, from Prof Rick Iedema (King’s College London), an early pioneer of the methodology. Mais’ PhD was funded by the University of Reading International Research Studentship.

PhD Viva Success

Congratulations to Flavia Ghouri who recently successfully defended her PhD thesis. The title of her thesis is: Behavioural insights into tackling antimicrobial resistance and urinary tract infections in pregnancy. The PhD was supervised by Dr Amelia Hollywood (Pharmacy Practice), Prof. Kath Ryan (Pharmacy Practice) and Dr Al Edwards (Pharmaceutics).


This PhD research project explored behavioural insights into antimicrobial resistance and urinary tract infections (UTIs) during pregnancy. Antimicrobial resistant UTIs are a rising global health threat and this is concerning during pregnancy as UTIs are the most common infection in this population. There are international and UK studies which suggest that antibiotics for UTIs are overused in pregnant women. Therefore, it is essential that the use of antibiotics during pregnancy is optimised. The aim of this research was to use behavioural science to explore and address the use of antibiotics for UTIs during pregnancy.


To read more about this work, Dr Ghouri published 4 papers from her thesis which are listed below:


Ghouri, F. and Hollywood, A. (2020) Antibiotic prescribing in primary care for urinary tract infections (UTIs) in pregnancy: an audit study. Medical Sciences, 8 (3). 40. ISSN 2076-3271 doi:


Ghouri, F., Hollywood, A. and Ryan, K. (2020) ‘There is no choice apart from antibiotics…’: qualitative analysis of views on urinary infections in pregnancy and antimicrobial resistance. Health Expectations, 23 (3). pp. 644-650. ISSN 1369-7625 doi:


Ghouri, F., Hollywood, A. and Ryan, K. (2019) Urinary tract infections and antibiotic use in pregnancy – qualitative analysis of online forum content. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 19 (1). 289. ISSN 1471-2393 doi:



Ghouri, F., Hollywood, A. and Ryan, K. (2018) A systematic review of non-antibiotic measures for the prevention of urinary tract infections in pregnancy. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 18 (1). 99. ISSN 1471-2393 doi:


Reading School of Pharmacy Virtual PhD showcase 2021 success

Many congratulations to Ramin Saleh for presenting his research at the showcase and being awarded the best 1st year flash presentation prize. Ramin’s research explores the experiences of pain and pain management in elite athletes and the general population with chronic pain. The project is being conducted under the academic supervision of Dr. Amelia Hollywood and Dr. Maria Maiaru. In the presentation Ramin discussed the systematic review he is currently undertaking exploring the experiences of patients with chronic pain attending a multidisciplinary pain management programme.  He also discussed future work which aims to understand the provision of pain management in the elite athletes and the potential to develop this to improve outcomes.


If you would like to discuss this research, please get in contact with Ramin (



Recent publications from the Pharmacy Practice Team

Dr. Rosemary Lim and Dr. Caroline Parkhurst 

Walker, S., Hignett, S., Lim, R.Parkhurst, C. and Samuel, F. (2020) Explaining drug-resistant infection in community pharmacies through effective information design. Design for Health. ISSN 2473-5132


Mais Iflaifel (Pharmacy practice PhD student) and Dr. Rosemary Lim

Iflaifel M, Lim RH, Ryan K and Crowley C (2020) Resilient Health Care: a systematic review of conceptualisations, study methods and factors that develop resilience BMC Health Services Research (2020) 20:324


PhD success: An exploration of patients’ experiences, coping strategies and management of peripheral neuropathy in Kuwait

Maryam (center) with her academic supervisor, Dr Amelia Hollywood (right) and internal examiner, Dr. Rosemary Lim (left).

Many congratulations to Maryam Alkandari for sucessfully passing her PhD viva with minor corrections. Maryam’s research was conducted under the academic supervison of Professor Kath Ryan, Dr. Amelia Hollywood and Professor Rebecca Green. Her thesis explores the patient’s experiences and coping strategies of peripheral neuropathy in Kuwait. Her work has also been published in the peer-reviewed journal Pharmacy:


Alkandari, M. Ryan, K and Hollywood, A. The Experiences of People Living with Peripheral Neuropathy in Kuwait – A Process Map of the Patient Journey Pharmacy 2019;7(3):127