Recent Publications from the Pharmacy Practice Team

Dr Rosemary Lim

‘Work Domain Analysis for understanding medication safety in care homes in England: an exploratory study’


‘Traditional medicine use by cancer patients in Thailand’



Dr Parastou Donyai

‘Drug Holidays From ADHD Medication: International Experience Over the Past Four Decades’



Local Practice Forum and University of Reading Pharmacy Research Showcase – Thursday 28th May 2015

Reading School of Pharmacy hosted an evening celebrating pharmacy research as part of the 10-year celebration of Pharmacy at the University of Reading. Organised by Dan Grant, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Education, the programme was opened by Mr Ash Soni, the President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Mr Soni pressed home the importance of pharmacy research and engagement of new generations of pharmacists with evidence based practice and the formal investigation of the impact of pharmacists’ professional activities on improving patient care. Six MPharm undergraduate students were invited to present their findings to an audience of pharmacists, academics, and undergraduate and postgraduate students.


A number of colleagues based at partner hospitals and the two Academic Pharmacy Units with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford University NHS Trust presented their own research using posters. The audience was treated to a variety of presentations by the pharmacy students, with prizes supported by the Royal Phamaceutical Society’s Local Practice Forum.

presenters and Ash Soni compressed

Mr Ash Soni (President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society) and MPharm undergraduate speakers

The third prize was awarded to Tejal Shah for a presentation entitled “Near misses – valuable data or a waste of time?”. The second prize was awarded to Tendai Muzambi for a presentation entitled “The implementation of values based recruitment in the selection of MPharm undergraduates”. The audience was delighted to congratulate the award of the first prize to Eunyoung Lee for a presentation entitled “Developing Mucoadhesive Microgels For Intravesical Drug Delivery in Bladder Cancer”.

Three prize winners compressed

Our three prizewinners (from left to right) were Tejal Shah, Tendai Muzambi and Eunyoung Lee