Interprofessional Learning (IPL) Symposium at RSOP












Today, our Part 4 Pharmacy students have been “putting themselves in the shoes/eyes” of patients who are at risk of falls. This is our yearly IPL Falls Symposium which focuses on the holistic management of patients who have fallen, working alongside Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Associate and Nursing students.

Dementia Friends Sessions

Dementia Friends Champions (Pharmacy undergraduate students) will be running Dementia Friends information sessions during week 6. This aims to help people understand what it’s like to live with dementia, change the way we think, act and talk about the condition. This is part of Alzheimer’s Society’s biggest initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. More information can be found on the following website: Thee sessions are open to everyone (students and staff).

Wednesday 14th Feb Chemistry LT ground 10am-11am

Thursday 15th Feb CHANCELLORS, CH-G06 4pm-5pm

Friday 16th Feb CHANCELLORS, CH-G06 10am-11am

Time to talk – break the silence around mental health

‘Time to talk’ stand put up by the students

Teacher practitioner, Mona Qasim (centre) and the Mental Health champions

A group of M(Pharm) worked with our mental health specialist teacher practitioner, Mona Qasim, to put up a fantastic stand about Mental Health illness following the Time to Talk Day. Students raised awareness by providing information and talking to people about mental health issues right here on campus. A special thanks and big well done to all those involved.