RSOP presentations at EHPS 2019

Dr. Hollywood’s presentation at EHPS 2019














Dr. Amelia Hollywood, Lecturer in Health Services Research and her PhD student, Flavia Ghouri, attended the 33rd Annual European Health Psychology Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dr. Hollywood presented a study that she had conducted on the wellbeing of early career academics. The results from this study highlighted that well-being was higher in academics who percieved high job security and control over their work environment. The study concluded that facilitating self-efficacy could lead to fostering a productive environment.


Flavia’s presentation at EHPS 2019

Flavia presented a poster of a study where she interveiwed women who had experienced urinary infections in pregnancy. The study showed that women had low self-efficacy in terms of managing their health to prevent infection and were uncertain on how antimicrobial resistance can be tackled by society.