Security is everyone’s responsibility in Olympic year

As we build up to the Olympics, you will be aware of heightened security across the UK. The security services have warned that terrorist attacks in the UK are a real and serious danger and that attacks can come in many forms, not just a physical attack, and could impact on vital information or communication systems.

Here at the University of Reading we have a robust security system in place with a team of professional security staff on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but our collective security is the responsibility of everyone. All staff and students are encouraged to be extra vigilant during these times and take responsibility for their own work and study areas. Please report any suspicious activity, packages or threats to University Security immediately. Security will act on all reports and liaise with the Police.

Contact: Security – 0118 378 7799 (extension 7799). If it is an emergency please call 0118 378 6300 (extension 6300). More security information can be found on the Security website.

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