Get your name on the electoral register– by this Friday!


The electoral process has changed over the last year. Whilst students were previously able to register as a household, you now need to register as an individual.

Reading, like many other university towns, is represented by a lively and diverse student body. Unfortunately, students are not always registered to vote. Parliamentary seats are drawn up by the Boundary Commissions, which are informed by the electoral registers. Young people like yourselves are underrepresented if your votes are not registered. Find out more here.

The deadline for registering to appear on the electoral register is this Friday the 20th November. If you want the chance to have your say in next year’s general elections, make sure you don’t miss it!


See below for our quick tips on registering to vote:

What: You need to be on the electoral register to be able to vote in an election or referendum. The next electoral register will be taken on the 1st December.

When: The deadline for registration to appear on the electoral register is the 20th November.

How: Go to to register to vote. The process takes about 5 minutes! You need your National Insurance Number, but if you can’t find or don’t have it, call 0300 200 3502 (or Textphone: 0300 200 3519).


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