Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme launches placements for 2016

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) is about to launch its summer research placements for 2016.


UROP provides exciting opportunities for undergraduates to work with staff on research projects across the University, contributing directly to the creation of knowledge, building new skills and strengthening the link between teaching and research.  UROP placements are paid a bursary of £1,320 and last six weeks over the summer break, or can be part-time over a longer period. The scheme is only open to University of Reading students in their middle years of study (i.e. not first or final year students).


The University of Reading is one of a select number of UK universities to run its own UROP scheme and there have been over 400 placements funded across the university since 2006. As a student, a UROP placement can make a significant contribution to your transferable skills, employability and understanding of the research environment.


UROP placements and training can be used towards the RED award and further information on the elements of the UROP programme can be found here. Each individual project will have information on start dates and how to apply and can be found on the placements section of the UROP website. These will be published during mid-February.


For students wishing to find out more about the scheme, what it can offer and to hear experiences of previous students, the Careers Centre will be running UROP Information sessions on the following dates (please register via My Jobs Online):


Friday 12th February  : 1pm-2pm, Palmer 103

Monday 22nd February  : 5pm-6pm, Palmer 106

Wednesday 2nd March : 1pm-2pm, Palmer 103


If you should have any further questions about the scheme, please contact Daniel Mitchell at urop@reading.ac.uk.

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