Warning: Money for petrol scam

It has come to the attention of our Advice Service, that there have been recent incidents on campus whereby a man in a blue car has been stopping students and requesting to borrow money so that he can purchase petrol.

This man has offered several re-assurances that he will repay the money as well as certain proof of his identity.

It is likely that these are false and the money will not be returned.

University Security as well as the Police have been informed.

If you are approached please do not;

  • Give this person any money
  • Disclose your bank details
  • Get in the car with the person
  • Arrange to meet this person in another location
  • Disclose any other part of your identity
  • Engage with the person any further than to reject his request

In order to assist Security and the Police you could;

  • Record the make and model of the car as well as the vehicle registration.
  • Recall a description of the person as clearly and accurately as possible
  • Recall the date and time of the conversation as well as the details of what he said to you

Please ensure your safety and the safety of others.




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