More Summer inspiration

Our next list of summer tips comes from second year student Grace. Grace caught up with other students to find out about their ideal summer, and inspire the rest of us!


Exam revision takes up a significant amount of time before the summer holidays. This can lead to summer plans being easily forgotten or put to one side. If you are looking for some CV boosting, fun and last-minute ideas, or getting organised early for next summer, here are a few things six Reading University students are doing for their sunny season.

Why not broaden your horizons with some traveling?

“I’m currently traveling through Europe with Busabout, and it’s amazing!! I’ve been to Lake Como, now I’m in Switzerland, then we’re heading to Paris, Munich and Prague.”

Balancing an internship with a relaxing time abroad

“I’m going to Budapest to explore the main sites and bars for a week with friends, then I’m doing a 4-week editorial internship at a publishing company.”

“As an overseas student I spend most of my summer on the beach in Gibraltar. Though this summer also I’m going to visit morocco and Italy with some friends from university. Then I’ll return to Reading to take up a placement as part of my History Education module.”

Music Festivals are the place to be

“This summer I will be preparing for my dissertation, and working my regular part time job to save money. For fun, I’m going to lots of festivals including Field Day, Truck, Reading and more…”

Volunteering at home or away

“I’m going to America tomorrow to volunteer with the Salvation Army, then au pairing in Spain for a month, and then I’m doing work experience at the British museum!”

“This summer I am going to Bali in Indonesia for 5 weeks with a friend from the university. We are going out to volunteer and teach English in a local village school.”


Hopefully, these summer plans have given you plenty of food for thought on how you can get the most out of your summer!


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