Mature student Andy, MPhil History, takes us through her top tips for keeping busy in and around Reading this summer. Got your family with you? Andy has it covered.

As the Summer continues many of us have the burning question in our minds ‘What to do with all this free time’? Some of us won’t be returning home to our families, and if you’re a mature student you may have a family of your own to entertain.

The University of Reading and our state of the art train station are fortunate to be central to many locations in the south of England. For those who drive, there are vast opportunities quite close to campus for outings and endless amounts of fun.

Reading: There are many family friendly activities taking place in our town. The Reading Museum hosts many kid friendly activities, is located off Broad Street and is very accessible. Best bit is it’s FREE!  For festivals and other events it’s always helpful to visit for neighbouring areas such as Woodley, Wokingham, and Earley. For the Oracle, visit: The Reading Music Festival is also set to return on the bank holiday weekend in August.

The City of London: Traveling to London for a round trip with a ‘Friends and Family’ discount card (£30 per year) from National Rail Cards, runs at £18 to Paddington Station. London has many museums, and historical attractions that are open almost every day. Foodie, shopper, to museum hopper places to visit include: the Victoria and Albert Museum, Household Cavalry Museum (home of the famous horseguards) Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Museum, The Tower of London, Hyde Park, Harrods Department Store just to name a few.  This isn’t even mentioning all the shows to watch in London’s famous West End. All are must see and suitable for families and students alike.

Windsor: Easily accessible from Reading, holds the famous Windsor Castle, Castle Gardens, and St. George’s Cathedral and Legoland.  To visit Legoland it is suggested you book your tickets in advanced. Prices are listed as £35 per individual. Careful eyes can find discount coupons on several goods purchased at shops such as one currently with Cadburys for a voucher for ‘Buy one adult ticket and get a free’.

Winchester: A city of Saxon origin and the capitol of the old Wessex kingdom, the city of Winchester houses some of the most fascinating cites near reading within a half hour train ride.  For a start, the famous round table located in Winchester’s Great hall, and Winchester Cathedral, are sites to see.  Jane Austen fans would be interested to know that she is interned there. Throughout the summer, the cathedral is hosting monthly events, including ‘Jane Austen – Regency Tea and Readings’. The high street in Winchester houses many fascinating shopping experiences and places for lunch within its picturesque walls. The cities’ website hosts a wealth of information including free events.


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