Many of us rely on a morning cup of coffee to kick-start our day – but how much money could we save if we chose to brew our own? What if we gave up caffeine altogether? Student Writer Melissa explores both the financial and health benefits of rethinking our coffee habits.

Many students crave that coffee in the mornings to wake up for an important lecture or exam and to see them through the day. Although the caffeine hit can be satisfying, it can also become expensive to buy from a café every day.  One of the best ways to save some money without having to get rid of your coffee habit entirely is by brewing your own cup at home. In fact, brewing your own coffee at home can save you up to £25 a week – that’s a saving of £100 a month and more than £1000 over the course of a year.

During Student Money Week from 18-22 March we’re considering how to make the best use of our money, and that includes making our coffee habits more budget-friendly.

Here are a couple of the most popular and value for money coffees you can make at home and bring to university.

  • Instant Coffee: Nescafe’s original blend is popular, cheap and cheerful and is enough to give you a boost on the way to that 9am lecture.
  • Espresso ground coffee: Finer Italian coffee brands such as Azerra Espresso (Nescafe) and Taylor’s taste great, come in funky flavours and are fast way to make coffee to pour into your Thermos without breaking the bank. At £4 a bag, try one type of coffee for a week and see if it works for you- my favourite flavour is High Voltage!
  • Coffee machines: Although a more expensive option, if you live in a house share or in halls, splitting the cost of a coffee machine between a group of your friends or housemates can be cheaper than you think, and can be as little as £6 each based on a house of 5 students. Here is a list of popular, affordable machines that could save you money in the long run, especially if you split the cost with friends.

Alternatively- Cut down on the caffeine

While coffee provides a good amount of caffeine, there are other ways you can get that same jolt of energy without having to buy a cup from the café. Exercising, eating energy-boosting superfoods, staying hydrated, and getting sun exposure can give you the same energy without spending extra cash that could be spent on a good night out with friends.

Cutting down on caffeine also results in lower blood pressure and can increase the amount and quality of sleep you get. Studies have shown that reducing your coffee intake decreases your anxiety levels, results in weight loss and healthier teeth. More of the benefits can be read here.

So if you want to cap your caffeine intake or save your pennies, think of the different ways you can do it- you can end up saving enough money for that festival you were thinking of going on this summer!

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