Feeling good and living well at uni – my do’s and don’ts

Moving to university, comes with a lot of freedom and autonomy. It can be hard for many people, to adapt to having complete control over their lives. No parents nagging you to eat fruit. No teachers telling you off for being late. Lectures don’t tend to take up your whole week, so what should you do with all this free time? Taking care of your mind, body and soul, is so important. The smallest things can make the biggest impacts on lifting your spirits and brightening up your day. I have made a list of some of my key Do’s and Don’ts in university life, to ensure you stay happy and healthy.


  • Exercise- not only is exercise a great way to keep yourself fit and active, it is also amazing for destressing and clearing your mind. There’s nothing like having a near death experience on a treadmill to take your mind off exam stress.
  • Eat healthily– It can be tricky to stay healthy at Uni, especially when all of your housemates are trying to persuade you to join them for pizza. Just remember, its way cheaper, and better for you, to cook up something nutrient rich at home. (No, mushrooms on pizza don’t count as one of your five a day).
  • Make a Schedule– although some degree courses don’t have many lectures in a week, it’s a great idea to make a plan and schedule in your work for your days off. Keep a document with all of your dates and deadlines, and it will help you stay calm and keep your anxiety and stress under control.
  • Socialise– don’t be nervous about making friends, everyone is in the same boat. Make an effort to put yourself out there- go to socials/ taster sessions and meet new people. Uni can be tough and having friends who can relate to what you’re going through can be really comforting.


  • Feel pressured– if you’re not into clubbing or drinking, don’t worry- there will be other people that feel exactly the same. Its so important to stay true to yourself through university. Don’t feel like you ever have to be someone that you’re not to ‘fit in’- there’s a place for everyone.
  • Stay inside all day– it can be very easy to get tied up in the mayhem of deadline season and stay inside all day at your laptop. Go for a walk in the park! It’s amazing the effect that this can have on your brain. Feeling the fresh air and stretching your legs will lead you to be more productive when you get back to your laptop and you will feel much happier.
  • Lose contact with home– Uni life can be lonely at times and its important that we remember that our family and friends are only a facetime call away. Don’t be hard on yourself- going home to visit family does not mean that you can’t cope alone at university- sometimes a mum hug is all we need.

Written by Jodie Velarde Phillips

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