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Sustainability has never looked so good

If you want to make your mark on this world, change your habits. 

The idea of reinventing a wardrobe to live sustainably is nothing but daunting. The sleepless nights over the endless amount of coin you’re spending on fast fashion, or the morality behind consumerism towards fast fashion or even the thought of the underpaid labourers that slaved away at your favourite blouse…could mean that you want to start wearing more sustainable clothes. Yes you may be thrown out of your comfort zone wearing bands that you don’t know of but knowing that you’re playing your part in saving the world is a wondrous feeling. Current runways are splattered with a generous serving of sustainability, designers are thinking more and more about how they can create a sustainable brand and how they can have a more earthly-conscience. So if designers are thinking about how they can be more earthly-conscience why don’t you? Yes you, you reading this. How can you make your wardrobe more sustainable?

The term fast fashion is coined to multiple different versions of ‘fast’. Through production, usage and delivery. Retailers will see something eye-catching on a runway or from a big label and will work relentlessly to get this into the hands of consumers for an affordable and inexpensive price, whilst paying their workers next to nothing and paying their tuppence to climate destruction. In most countries where clothing is produced, untreated toxic water ends up in rivers and lakes across the country. Waste water contains toxins that can be detrimental to aquatic life and millions of people across the world. Roughly 1.5 trillion litres of water are used every year in the fashion industry – most will end up as toxic waste. In order to tackle this, you should start buying pieces with lower water consumption, including; linens and recycled fabrics. See below for a Ted Talk on whether biology can fix fashions sustainable issues. Not only is the production of fast fashion very ‘fast’ but the usage of clothing is now seen as disposable. We’re all guilty of wearing pieces a couple times before throwing them away. Fashion waste is a major issue that is engulfing part of our worlds climate issues. In the Western world a family throws away roughly 30kg of clothing every year. Thats 30 bags of sugar every year. Majority of these clothes are made with synthetic fabrics or plastic therefore are non-biodegradable and can take up to 200 years to decompose. Something you can do to change this, is by buying pieces made with natural or non-synthentic materials. Or buying less, buying better or mending/recycling. A needle and thread never hurt no one.

Some brands to look out for that are sustainable but don’t compromise on style:

  • Know the Origin – Style with nothing to hide. Fairtrade and Organic ethical fashion for men and women. We are committed to a 100% transparent production process.
  • Lucy & Yak – Welcome to Lucy & Yak! Ethical, sustainable, indie dungarees! Shop beyond the iconic dungarees – dungaree dresses, cool boilersuits, organic tees!
  • Rapanui – Our lifelong mission is to make clothing sustainable. 
  • ASOS – ASOS have no got an ‘Eco-edit’ which shows you ethically manufactured and sustainable products. They also have an option in their filter search. Just search Eco-edit or Responsible Edit.

It’s high time that we as a community should start a delve into sustainable living and looking at it from all aspects of our life. The time is now for us to make quick changes, just as the fast fashion industry can produce clothing overnight, irrespective of the environmental impacts, we as a community need to make a fast change to end fast fashion.

Wear clothes that matter – Solitaire Townsend

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