Eat smart, Feel smart, Study smart

Keeping healthy and avoiding colds at university very much relies on what food you put into your body.

And although not having mum on hand to help you with this might make things difficult, there are hundreds of quick and healthy food hacks you can follow to ensure you’re getting all the nutrition that you need.

Pack fruit into your breakfast

The healthiest way to start the day is to factor vitamins into the first thing you eat. And whether that’s a multivitamin juice drink, fruit smoothie, or a handful of berries on your porridge or Weetabix, adding fruit to the first meal of your day will give you a huge boost of energy and set you off on the right foot for a good-for-your-body day.

Always have a bag of salad or frozen veg to hand

When I say to hand, I mean in your fridge/freezer. Having a supply of vegetables to add to your meal will mean you always have the option to incorporate nutrients into your lunch or dinner, no matter how healthy or unhealthy the main part of the meal is.

Blenders can be saviours

Taking a food or drinks blender to university can be a really useful hack for achieving your five a day. Blenders can be used for making smoothies (using frozen fruit, yoghurt, and juice/milk), vegetable sauces for pasta/curries, and soups. They are a really easy way to get loads of different nutrients into one meal while skipping the tedious task of mashing.

Be adventurous

As much as you may be comfortable with your bolognaise or curry recipe, it is always good to be experimental with your cooking and to try new dishes whilst at university. Steering away from the 3 or 4 recipes that you are confident making will give you the motivation to try new fruits and veg and help you discover different ways of getting vitamins into your meals.

If you have Instagram, I really recommend following @miguelbarclay, the founder of One Pound Meals. Miguel’s account lists hundreds of easy to make, affordable recipes designed specifically with students in mind. My favourite dishes include his sweetcorn, courgette and feta fritters, and vegetable ramen.

Check the labels

During study season it can be really tempting to settle for smoothie drinks from Innocent or Naked as your fruit supplement for the day. However, although these seem full of nutrients from the outside, taking a lot at their labels will show you just how jampacked they are with sugar. Make sure you look at the labels of what you are buying, even if they do look healthy on the outside, so you know exactly what you’re consuming.

For more tips on healthy eating or any other aspect of student life head to the University’s essential advice page.

Written by Taz Usher

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