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The University of Reading is committed to ensuring that no applicant is disadvantaged in accessing our undergraduate degree programmes because of their background. We recognise that some students, through no fault of their own, are more likely to face financial barriers during their higher educational experience. The Digital Support fund has been created to support students with the associated costs of online learning and studying.

We are offering 50 grants of £500 per student, designed to be used as a contribution to a laptop and accessories – these could include: mouse, keyboard, extra monitor, router, dongle, etc.If you are struggling to pay broadband bills this fund could also support payments.

The fund will provide financial support for applicants who live in areas of the UK with high levels of deprivation and low participation in Higher Educationand whose assessed taxable household income is £0.  

 To apply for the Digital Support Fund, you must:  

  1. Be a first-year or a returning student on any undergraduate course
  2. Be a permanent resident of the UK
  3. Live in an area with low participation in Higher Education (defined as Polar4 Quintile 1)
  4. Be assessed by your Student Finance Authority as eligible for financial support and have an assessed household taxable income of £0

Limited funds are available, so priority will be given to students who are estranged/care experienced, students with school-aged dependants, or students whose course is known to require high specification IT.

Deadline is 12pm on 21st September 2020. (Late applications will not be considered.)

If you are interested in applying for the Digital Support Fund you can find out more, check your postcode and apply via the Money Matters section of Essentials. 

Interested in the fund? Have a look at these links to find the best value laptop/ accessory for you: 

Totum & Unidays offer amazing tech discounts for students!

For Graphic or Typography students that require an Ipad or Macbook, Apple offers an education discount that could save you some money. 

This fund has been made possible thanks to the generous support of University of Reading donors, many of whom were once students at Reading themselves. We are grateful to Santander Universities for their substantial contribution.  

Summer Support Fund 

If you are not eligible for the Digital Support fund but are facing unexpected financial difficulty you may be eligible for the Summer Support FundThe Summer 2020 Support Fund has been created to assist students during the summer period (01 July – 18 September 2020) who need extra financial help to meet costs that are not met from other sources of support or students who have particular financial emergencies and as a result are at risk of leaving Higher Education.  

If this sounds like something you think you would benefit from please visit the Funding Opportunities page on Essentials.  

Current students’ deadline to apply is 18 September 2020. 

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