My Advice for Starting University – Deyan Ilchev

Despite reliving the experience of going into new environments, it still gives me the same overwhelming feeling I have had previously experienced with college and secondary school.  

Your first few weeks at university gives you the chance to see and feel the whole new environment and way of life of being a university student. You might have been thinking about that moment weeks in advance and imagining how that week will go through. However, the moment you walk through the entrance it is just everything happening at once.  

I have some advice which hopefully will help you make most of your time in your first few weeks and will start your university journey with the best foot forward.  

When you arrive try to get familiar with the campus and your surroundings. If you’re staying at halls get familiar with your room and all the social places. Get to know your new home for the upcoming year. 

After you are settled check for the upcoming events for new students. There are events for everyone therefore choose what suityou. Check the freshers fair where you can find what the societies have on offer. You may have an idea which societies you want to join however it’s still fun meeting people and seeing their hobbies and interests. To my next point which is meeting new people and making friends. This by, no doubt, will come naturally because the university is not only place for study, but also for socializing and finding new friends with similar mind sets. 

Lastly stay safe and try to be responsibleThis may be obvious however you can easily lose belongings or have something happen to you. So, trying to be responsible is very ideal. 

Thank you for reading today’s blog! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Deyan Ilchev

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