Student Services at the University of Reading – Serena Kutty

If you’re new to Reading, there are a range of Student Services that are on offer to help and support you in the best was that we can. Here is a brief overview of some of the different kinds of support that are available! 

Student Finance Team 

RUSU has specialist money advisors who are able to assist you on any financial issues you are having. This could include helping you find funding you can receive whilst studying, or helping you resolve any problems you may have with funding. This advice is all free, confidential and independent.  

Reading also offers all of its students access to Blackbullion, which gives students courses and advice to help you understand and better manage your finances while at University. Blackbullion could help you learn about credit cards and loan repayment, as well as also helping you to create your own budget!  

The Student Finance Team at the University also help you get the right government assistance for your studies at Reading. They can also help you determine whether you are eligible for any other financial grants or assistance from the government, such as the Childcare Grant or Parents Learning Allowance. 

Module Selection 

Reading also offers help to all of students in choosing the right module for their degree. The Support Centres for your respective School of your degree can give you impartial advice to help you make the correct decision for your chosen career path. Get in touch with your Academic Tutor or your Programme Director if you need any help! 

You can also get help with module selection through the ‘Ask a question’ feature on RISIS. Here, you can ask any question about your chosen modules (no matter how silly), and someone who can assist you will be in touch! 

Counselling & Wellbeing 

The Counselling & Wellbeing at Reading are a team of counsellors and mental health advisors that can support all students at Reading with any concerns they have. The help they provide is free, confidential and supportive to help best facilitate your studies at Reading.  

The team consists of qualified Counsellors, Social Workers and Mental Health Nurses. They can offer you direct one-to-one support, and practical skills and guidance to help manage day-to-day life at university.  

Disability Advisory Service 

Reading offers an abundance of support to disabled students through the Disability Advisory Service. The team can provide advice and guidance to students with any disability, mental health condition, or specific learning difficulty at Reading.  

The confidential service can help you assess the impact of your disability on your studies, and recommend any reasonable adjustments required. They can also provide information on funding for study support, including the Disabled Students Allowance and how to apply. 

Student Welfare Team 

The Student Welfare Team at Reading can help make sure you are your best self at Reading. They can assist you with any difficulties you may encounter during your time at the University. 

This could include helping you with settling in and adjusting to University life, crisis support, or any difficulties with flat/housemates. 


That was a brief overview of the range of services available to students at Reading! If you are a new or returning student, there is an abundance of resources available to ensure your time at Reading is the best it can be! Good luck! 

Thank you all for reading today’s blog! We hope that you have learned something new today. let us know what you think of the blog in the comments below!

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