Unibattle & Blackbullion – get money smart and win big!

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From the 9th to the 20th of November, the University of Reading is ready to show that we can once again top the leaderboard for the money smartest university with Blackbullion & Unibattle! You can help out by joining online to win big prizes and the glory of the University of Reading topping the tables.

Currently, on Wednesday 11th November, pm, we are sitting at 3rd on the leader board – but we can do much better! To take part all you need to do is:

1 – Register or log into blackbullion.com

2 – Complete the super useful online pathways to become #moneysmarter, earn bullions and badges

3 – Earn the chance to win prizes and help us beat the other university’s

What are the prizes? Every student who takes part in UniBattle will automatically be entered into a daily (weekdays only) lucky dip draw to win great prizes including Apple AirPods, Chromebook, Fitbit 3 and much more!


Finance is a big part of student life – budgets, loans, bursaries, budgeting and part-time jobs all help us to stay afloat throughout our university life.

We want to provide the tools and guidance needed for our students to improve their financial capability so they can maximise their experience while at University. Blackbullion is a key platform to help you with all thing’s money – and to show how great this tool is, in our first year of partnering with Blackbullion 1,962 students registered on our online platform.

What is Blackbullion all about? Watch this video to find out more:

Blackbullion offers numerous educational courses to help you better handle your finances while at University, encouraging students to take control of their financial future, and it instils good money habits early on. This engaging service offers courses and tools in many topics, how student loans are repaid, how to budget and how to invest. Blackbullion has several challenges to help you reach your financial goals, whether it be creating a budget and sticking to it or saving more money.

Matt Daley – Head of Student Financial Support and Customer Service gives us an insight into the services available to you now and throughout your university journey. Watch his short video to find out more:

As a University of Reading student, this service is free to you! Set up your account today to access their online courses and tools. https://www.blackbullion.com/

For more resources available to you visit our Money Matters page on Essentials.

The Student Financial support team are available to provide advice and support on money-related matters, whether its regarding your tuition fee or maintenance loan, Bursaries and Awards or advice on how we can support you if you are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties.

Virtual appointments are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9.30 – 12:

Book an appointment today!

Or call the team on 0118 378 5555.


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