What Christmas Means to Me – Eloise Barnes


This is the time of year where everybody who celebrates Christmas becomes cheerier and more hopeful about winter and the new year. I love Christmas as you can probably tell and there are loads of ways to celebrate it and stuff to do. As a different kind of year, this Christmas could be especially meaningful for some to unwind and forget about current affairs for a short while (as long as they don’t forget to be safe).

What Christmas means to me?

As a holiday, Christmas symbolises to me spending time with my family, being able to give them presents and see them open them as well as having a nice meal. This tradition is lovely and special to many that celebrate it! Therefore, I think that Christmas is special to me because of the joy and happiness you see in people. This may not necessarily be in my family but people I see when I’m working at a restaurant or people Christmas shopping in town. It is nice to see everyone happy and excited to be generous to each other which is why I love Christmas!

How do you celebrate Christmas?

I celebrate Christmas in a similar way each year. This involves going to a family member’s house and meeting with my extended family on Christmas Day. We will then eat our Christmas Dinner which is delicious with turkey, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon) and lots of vegetables as well. We’ll also have a Christmas pudding, a cheesecake or profiteroles for a dessert.

After such a big lunch, we’ll help clear up and then move to the sofas and usually watch a bit of TV together or sit and chat instead. This is nice as it gives everyone a chance to get settled and catch up with relatives they haven’t seen in a while.

When everyone is ready, we will then give out the presents with one person handing them out and having one present opened at a time so we can all see the person’s reaction when they open their present. This always nice especially if you gave them the present as you can think that you caused that happiness. This goes on for quite a while as there are a lot of people to give presents too but it is nice to spend time with them in this way.

After all the presents are opened, we’ll clear away the paper and have a light tea with stuff like panettone and scones. This is nice as we get to spend more time with each other. Afterwards, we’ll say goodbye and go home but we’ll be back tomorrow for Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is a quieter day but still very fun. After everyone arrives, we’ll have lunch which is usually cold meats from Christmas Day and jacket potatoes and then more desserts after. If any presents were missed then we’ll open them but otherwise we’ll chat or watch some of the Christmas TV. We then have another light tea but more similar to the lunch with salad and afterwards go home to our own houses.

The way we celebrate Christmas is individual to everyone but always very special. You might not celebrate Christmas at all or celebrate it in a different way to me and that is unique to you and your family. It will be a different kind of Holiday season this year but it can still be special so I wish you all a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, Happy Holidays if you don’t and to everyone a Happy New Year!

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