The Reality of Extinction – Andrew Nixon

I recently made a film to highlight the current biodiversity crisis going on around the world, which I am currently exploring for my dissertation and because it is a topic that I deeply care about.

The film covers the scale and speed of destruction which is going on all over the world. Sadly it’s not a new topic and I’m sure you all have some understanding of the damage that is being caused. But my film tries to also bring some optimism to the future and will hopefully allow you to reflect on the importance the natural world has for all of us, something which has become especially apparent over the last 10 months.

Here is the trailer to the film:

The Reality of Extinction Trailer

If you could fill out the questionnaire that would be great. The survey will only take a few minutes and the film is about 10 mins – it’s in 2 sections before and after the film so please remember to do the whole thing otherwise the system doesn’t realise you’ve done it. Cheers and hope you enjoy it!

You can find the survey here:

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy the trailer to the film and help us out by filling out all of the sections of the questionnaire!

Andrew Nixon

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