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The Wellbeing team at the University of Reading have been hard at work developing a tool to support you. From today The Student Wellness Check is on Essentials for you to use.

Wellness is not merely the absence of illness or distress, it is having the space for positive mental, physical and social wellbeing. Knowing what support you need is the first step to ensuring you are looking after yourself at university. The student wellness check will help you identify areas to work on, with the help of useful links to support.

What is the Student Wellness Check?

The Student Wellness Check is an online tool, similar to the other NHS self-assessment tools that you may have seen before. It asks you to complete a series of questions, answering how you are feeling. From your answers, the check will give you a list of appropriate resources tailored to you and your needs. Any student can complete the questions, and the resources listed at the end can be emailed to your UoR email address at the touch of a button.

The aim of this online self-assessment tool is to allow you to quickly identify what you need and contacts for support.

The resources range from teams inside the University/Student Services (Welfare, Financial, International support etc.) to trusted resources outside of the University.

Why would I use the check?

If you need support/guidance or advice whilst at the University of Reading the Student Wellness Check is a great place to start. It only gives you the contact details that you might need, from there you can get in contact with the team(s) you want. It makes it easier to find helpful contacts.

Where can I find the Student Wellness Check?

On the front page of Essentials – your student webpages, you will also find the check under ‘Guidance and support’.

I have to use my email address to start the check, does that mean you will be able to see my answers?

The Student Wellness Check
 will not store information about your answers, it uses your email address to send you your personal assessment outcome and then deletes this information. For more information, please take a look at the data protection policy.

Can I use the check more than once?

Yes, you can use the check as many times as you want, your answers are not saved, so if you do need support in the future you can complete the questionnaire again to get contacts appropriate support for your answers.

Take a look at the Student Wellness Check today – a bespoke tool for UoR students.

Student Wellness Check

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