Help Chris start a Fiction Writing Society

Hello, my name’s Chris and I’m trying to start a society for fiction writing at the University. I think this would make an enjoyable addition to the host of Societies RUSU offer to accompany your University experience.

The Society’s aim would be to bring writers of all abilities together, along the lines of our three defining values:

Create – come to our (probably) weekly writing sessions to write or work on whatever you like, in a friendly and supportive environment! You don’t even have to write if you don’t want to, just come along for some inspiration!

Connectmeet other writers through our writing sessions and socials. Discuss and share ideas, ask for advice or test-readers, and make useful connections and new friends!

Support – the club will aim to host talks and advice sessions (hopefully from guest speakers), helping with issues ranging from trying out new writing styles, to finding agents and developing your writing into a career! It’s our hope to be able to provide whatever help and support you need for all and any ability!

But to get started WE NEED SUPPORT! Specifically, we need 50 signatures and 3 more key roles (Treasurer, Secretary and Welfare) to be able to be affiliated.

ARE YOU INTERESTED? SIGN UP NOW! using the form attached, or let me know if you’re interested in one of the key roles with my details below!


Any questions? Contact Chris Loder!

Facebook: Chris Loder

Instagram: chris_loder

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