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From 9 August, Blackboard will be changing to ‘Ultra Base Navigation’ which will mean that Blackboard navigation will look a bit different, find out more about the changes…

What is Ultra Base Navigation? 

Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) changes the way you navigate Blackboard before you enter a module or organisation.

The UBN has a modern and simple layout that is designed to re-size for mobile devices and improves accessibility.


  • Modern, intuitive experience
  • Responsive on mobile devices
  • Consolidated cross-course information
  • Quick access to the most critical information
  • One-click to take action

What’s new and different?

  • The Navigation Panel has moved to the left-hand side of the screen to give quick access to the most used features.
  • The Activity Stream notifies users about upcoming events, recent activity, or new content in your modules.
  • The layout in the Courses and Organisations pages makes it easier to navigate and find your modules. You can search, filter and favourite.
  • Schools / Department Tabs (Portal pages) are being replaced. All this content for students can now be found in dedicated Organisations.

Watch this 2-minute video to find out more & visit the student support page for further help & guidance.

Please note: your modules and organisations will not change, they will look and operate exactly as they do now.

Find out more about Blackboard on Essentials.

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