Enrolment 2021 – What am I meant to do? Where? When?

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Enrolment can seem a bit confusing – What am I meant to do? Where? When?

In this blog, we will give you the lowdown on Enrolment 2021, helping you with some answers to those confusing questions:

What is enrolment?

You must either enrol for the first time (as a new undergraduate UG, postgraduate taught PGT or postgraduate research student PGR) or re-enrol (if you are a returning student).

If you are a new student and don’t enrol you won’t get access to any of our systems as we cannot activate your IT account.

Enrolment is a necessity as it is this that confirms that you are ‘attending’ the university and releases student loans to you.

When can I enrol?

Online enrolment opens at the following times:

  • 1 August for new postgraduate students
  • 1 September for new undergraduate students
  • 9 September for returning students

In-person enrolment opens on 16 September in the Palmer Building. This will be open from 09.30-17:00 every day until Monday 20 September.

Enrolment for new students

This is a two-stage process. You cannot complete in-person enrolment until you have completed online enrolment.

  1. Online enrolment: you provide us with information about yourself, your addresses, contact details, upload your photo, identification documents and immigration docs, and either pay 50% of your tuition fees or tell us who is paying them on your behalf.
  2. In-person enrolment: you provide evidence of your ID, have your immigration docs and status checked, and collect your campus card (and BRP card where relevant). Following this, your IT account will be available for you to access.

If you are attending in person you will need to complete your in-person enrolment by Monday 20 September in order to be able to access your UoR email, teaching timetable, Blackboard, MS Teams, Me@Reading, The UoR Student app, RISIS Portal etc. to be able to fully participate in Welcome activities the following week.

What do returning students need to do?

The enrolment process for returning students is fully online. If you meet the criteria for being able to study at a distance you can request permission to do this during the enrolment process. Enrolment will open for returning students on 9 September.

Studying at a Distance

With government rules in England easing, we expect you to join us on campus from the start of the autumn term. After the restrictions of the past months, being on campus will allow you to engage with your learning in person and to be part of our vibrant, active community. However, we understand COVID-19 is still causing disruption and there may be situations that prevent students from being able to come to campus at the start of the academic year. If your specific circumstances meet the criteria below you will be able to request to study ‘at a distance’ temporarily. This request will be part of the online re-enrolment process for the new academic year, with the expectation that you will travel to Reading to continue your programme in person, as soon as possible – and by the start of the spring term at the very latest (Monday 10 January 2022).

You can only request to study at a distance temporarily if your programme can be studied from a distance and if you meet one of the following permitted criteria: (Please note not all courses can be studied from a distance.)

  • Due to government regulations or restrictions related to COVID-19, you are not permitted to leave your home area/country
  • You are not permitted to enter the UK due to UK Government COVID-19 regulations or home country regulations or restrictions
  • You are not permitted to attend university in person due to restrictions imposed by your study sponsor relating to COVID-19
  • You cannot book a flight to the UK due to COVID-19 restrictions or disruption (for example, there are no flights available)
  • You are unable to get a Visa to travel as a result of COVID-19
  • A doctor has specifically advised you not to attend university in person at this time due to COVID-19
  • You cannot attend university in person as you have primary caring responsibilities as a result of COVID-19

I need to self-isolate when I arrive. How do I enrol?

Students who are self-isolating are NOT given distance study status. Quarantining students should undertake their online stage of their enrolment as normal and should NOT request permission to study by distance. During online enrolment, you will be able to tell us that you are quarantining. This will trigger your enrolment to give you access to all of our online systems. When you have completed your quarantine period you can collect your campus card and BRP card (for some international students).

How do I complete online enrolment?

Head to www.risisweb.reading.ac.uk to begin online enrolment. Head to www.reading.ac.uk/internal/enrol for detailed guides on how to complete online enrolment.

Do I need to book an appointment for in-person enrolment?

No, you do not need to book an appointment. Simply arrive anytime during our opening hours. This is 09.30-17:00 from Thursday 16 September until Monday 20 September.

When do I get access to my UoR email address?

If you are studying in person you will get access to your email address when you complete in-person enrolment. Once you have completed in-person enrolment, head to www.risisweb.reading.ac.uk to collect your username and password for your IT account.

If you are studying at a distance, online enrolment will trigger your online access.

If you need to isolate when you arrive, online enrolment will trigger your online access. You can complete your in-person enrolment when you have finished isolation.

What documents do I need to bring for enrolment?

Please bring a form of ID with you to enrolment such as your passport or driving license. If you are an international student you will also need to bring your visa and documentation that will allow you to collect your BRP card.

Who can help me with my enrolment queries or if I am having issues with enrolment?

Returning students should contact their Support Centre, Henley Help Desk, ISLI Admin Team or the Graduate School

New students should direct their questions to studenthelp@reading.ac.uk.


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