Are you living in Halls this year? Learn more about Halls Mentors

Image of students sitting on a sofa in halls.

If you live in any of the University Halls of Residence you can speak to a Hall Mentor. Hall mentors are Postgraduate students employed to support pastoral care in halls. They work closely with Hall Wardens, Student Welfare and our accommodation partner UPP.

As experienced students themselves they have a wealth of knowledge to support you and can direct you to the most appropriate team if a follow up is needed. They know how it feels to be a new student, move away from home, start new friendships, budget and party! They can also advise on academic-related issues – where to study, who you can talk to, explain how they have survived university.

“A truly helpful and understanding person. I feel lucky to meet her” – University of Reading student

The team also supports the Home@Hall (UPP) events so if you sign up to one you will meet some of them.

“Lovely, insightful and helpful with anything needed” – University of Reading student

You can find their contact details in your hall or on Essentials alongside lots of other important accommodation information.

Welcome you to the UoR community!

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