Keep your bicycle secure at UoR

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Cycling is a great way to keep fit, keep travel costs down and be kinder to the environment, and we have a perfect campus to do it on. With cycling comes the responsibility of keeping your bicycle safe and secure.
Unfortunately, Thames Valley Police and Campus Security are seeing a spate of bike thefts across campus. Because of this, we want to make sure you know how to keep your bike and other valuables safe. Check out this expert advice on Essentials for securing your valuables.

Keeping your bicycle secure:

  • Use one of the dedicated areas with bike locking points
  • Lock the frame of your bike to the locking point and whenever possible include the wheel(s), particularly if they are quick-release, or take them with you
  • Never leave your bike unattended overnight unless in secure storage
  • Record make, model and serial number and any other unique identifying features
  • Enquire at Security or your local Police Station whether it is possible to have your bike frame marked with your postcode followed by your house number
  • Take out insurance cover
  • Register your bike on the national database, at Immobilise – this is the database that the Police will check in the event of any bikes being stolen and then recovered
  • Keep up to date with all the latest news on our Cycling to the University pages.
  • Future guidance on keeping your bike safe.

Lock your bicycle securely – D-Locks available from Security Services

Make sure you lock your bicycle securely to a solid object, using a solid D-lock, or even better using two locks. D-Locks are available to purchase from the Security Window in Whiteknights House ( £14:00) Call to check stock levels. / Tel:  0118 378 7799. See these tips for how to lock your bike most effectivelyor this cycle security information from Security Services.

Get your bike a free security label available from Security Services

A security label on your bike doesn’t necessarily stop it from being stolen but makes it less attractive to thieves. It allows police to prove the bike does not belong to the thief and would be able to return it to the owner. Free labels and advice are available from the security window in Whiteknights House.

Dr. Bike returns on Wednesdays between 12.00 – 14.00 at the Palmer Quad for free bike maintenance and safety checks

And remember to visit Dr.Bike who will be on campus every week during the term. Find out more visit Dr.Bike online/Student Events page.

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