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We are on a mission to help young people develop financial skills for life – Blackbullion

Learn financial skills and get money smart with Blackbullion a free to use student platform all about student money.

Blackbullion offers lot’s of educational courses and resources to get money smart, including how student loans are repaid, how to budget and how to invest, plus several challenges to help you reach your financial goals: creating a budget and sticking to it or saving more money.

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Recommended courses:

  • Budgeting – Learn how to create your own budget and stick to it
  • Starting University – Figure out your finance, sort out your finances from the start
  • International students – Ease into life in the UK with all you need to know about banking, budgeting and ‘Britishness’
  • Credit Cards – Understand the basics and they can be a risk and a benefit
  • Loan Repayment – Use the estimator tool to provide a forecast of repayments
  • 21 Days of Saving – money boot camp full of ideas to help
  • Budget Calculator – Understand and plan your finances with this calculator

Matt Daley – Head of Student Financial Support at UoR gives us an insight into the services available to you throughout your university journey:

For more resources available to you visit the Money Matters page on Essentials.

The Student Financial support team are available to provide advice and support on money-related matters, whether it’s regarding your tuition fee or maintenance loan, Bursaries and Awards or advice on how we can support you if you are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties.

If you wish to speak to a member of our team with your financial questions or a query about using Blackbullion, please email

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