Promoting social mobility through The 93% Club

Promoting social mobility through The 93% Club

Did you know that over 50% of Cabinet members, 56% of journalists and 35% of senior judges attended independent private schools? The latest report on Widening Participation in Higher Education shows improvement in the number of state-educated students progressing to higher education but shows disparities and privately educated students are still the most likely to progress to high tariff universities.

The 93% Club is a national student led society promoting social mobility by representing the interests of state-schooled students who account for 93% of the population but face inequality when it comes to obtaining opportunities.  Student volunteers work to level the playing field for state school-educated university students and graduates through campaigns and career networking events and opportunities.

The Careers Service team at Reading are excited to meet with part 1 or part 2 students interested in setting up The 93% Club here at the University of Reading and making a difference in school-educated graduate outcomes.

Email Laia from Careers, for more information.

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