Launch of climate stripes merchandise

Global stripes by Ed Hawkins

As well as being freely available to download via the #ShowYourStripes website a new range of sustainable merchandise has been developed by Heritage Label and has launched in partnership with ArtUK.

The climate stripe graphics are visual representations of the change in temperature over the past 100+ years. Each stripes represents the temperature averaged over a year, red to demonstrate the hotter years and blue the colder years.

Organisers hope the new range of items – including stripes facemasks, mugs and posters – will help to spark new conversations about climate change, while proceeds will support the University of Reading’s work in climate change, research and education, and the work of its museums and collections.

The range is now available via the ArtUK online store.

The range has been launched at the same time as the climate stripes become the University of Reading’s first digital artwork to join its art collection.

Joining a sketch by Rubens, cubist paintings by Max Weber, and a wide range of other paintings, prints, and sculptures, Climate Stripes will now be curated and maintained as part of the University’s rich collection of artwork, built up over a century of study and research of fine art.

The accession of two digital versions of the climate stripes comes in the run-up to the COP26 talks in Glasgow, where the climate stripes will be on display in several locations, showing world leaders and visitors the compelling reality of global warming over more than a century.

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