Preventing Sexual violence and harassment – Student Advisory Group

We are recruiting students for a Student Advisory Group (Deadline: 28th November 2021)

The University and RUSU would like students to advise on measures to prevent and respond to sexual violence and harassment.

The University is undertaking a review which is identifying gaps and considering the effectiveness of the current measures.  A number of areas of improvement have been identified and we are looking to form a group of students to advise on what would work best.

The Advisory Group will be facilitated and supported by the Director of Student Services (Paddy Woodman) and the RUSU Welfare Officer (Grace Loweth).

We need your voices!

We are looking for students who : 

  • Would like to make a positive difference in relation to this topic,
  • Are keen to listen to the views of other students and able to consider what might work for different people as well as themselves.
  • Are able to engage in constructive and calm discussion about what is often a difficult and sensitive subject.
  • Are representative of different students across the university (e.g. gender, race, age, sexual orientation)

Participating students will be paid an hourly rate (£8.90) for their work on the Advisory Group. The number of paid hours will depend on attendance at meetings and quantity of feedback provided, however the maximum number of paid hours is likely to be 10hrs per person

Some of the topics/questions the group will be asked to advise upon will include:

  • What sort of messaging is needed in the University to ensure that everyone understands that sexual violence and harassment is not acceptable? Where are the grey areas and how could they be tackled?
  • What form could ‘consent’ training would have good take up?
  •  What would make it easier to report incidents?
  • How can students be supported/encouraged to take a stand against low level harassment amongst people they know?

The role of students on the advisory group will be to:

  • Discuss and provide your own views on the topics/questions above, provide your own suggestions and thoughts on suggestions made by others
  • Discuss the likely effectiveness of different strategies
  • Informally consult other students in your networks to test out various approaches
  • Comment on draft messaging and campaign material

Students on the advisory panel will be expected to:

  • Attend three meetings/workshops to discuss the topics above (Nov to Jan)
  • Provide further views and feedback by email

Apply Today

If you are interested in participating in this vital work, please complete this short application form

If you have any questions please contact Paddy Woodman or Grace Loweth

Deadline for applications: 28th November 2021

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