Reminder About Travel to Campus and Parking

Person wheeling a bike through a street

As a university, we encourage our whole community to make sustainable travel choices and support alternative ways to travel to and around our campuses.

We’d like to remind you that parking on residential streets within one mile of campus is not permitted for students who live in halls and, for other students and colleagues, parking on local streets is strongly discouraged because of the impact such parking can have on our neighbours. In recent weeks we have seen an increase in complaints from our neighbours concerning cars parked on roads around the campus perimeter.  Some cars are parked partly on pavements, which creates problems for wheelchair users, those who are visually impaired as well as those using prams or buggies. Others are blocking exits and entrances to property, causing problems for those who live there.

As part of our ambition to be the greenest university in the UK, we strongly encourage sustainable travel options like cycling, walking or public transport. Cycling and walking are great ways to improve fitness and some of the most sustainable ways to travel. The University offers free Dr Bike maintenance sessions, free cycle training and low cost bike hire so you can try cycling before committing to buying a bike. We also work in partnership with Reading Buses to offer discounted bus tickets. The Sustainability Services webpage has lots of information and advice on transport options.

For those that have to travel by car, we make some parking available to students who meet the requirements in our student parking regulations and colleagues who drive can purchase car permits to park in our car parks. For occasional use and for visitors, we also have a pay and display car park (1a) so that colleagues and students do not need to park on local streets.

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